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Logs for 7+8/10 after..

….remaking the antenna in mom house back to linear 10+15 m wires with a new lead in for the 10 m
6100 Cri  with mostly Arabic songs on 2014 with -53dbm signal
5950 KBD in French 2021 at -60 with 46dbm SNR still noised
4770 the soviet system at -82dbm on 2024
9691 12 kHZ wide kontayner with -77dbm signal at 2032
9675 R Saudi intl at 2032 with Islamic religious program  Best signal level at -65dbm fade to -90 dbm IN vardora as like local in noise terms with also some overload
9650  S Arabia towards Yemen at 2034 with -75dbm nearly no audio in Vardiora IN with slightly better audio
9440 Cri with sharp audio 2×5.8 kHz wide  at 2039
9425 N Korea in Korean mentioning turkey (?)  in their news program (?) semi anthem after
7630 program in Korean  2045 ?? who is ?? off 2059  in the music time
5030 operators

Canary islands  :
5995 Mali with much better signal /SNr than locally 2200 with tribal  song then talx in French and ref on basketball
5800 WRMI program with rock music 2100 and -100dbm
5900  only a carrier with 400 Hz tones till 2106 then with the famous ToM religious person 
6180  R N Amazonias with advert? in Brazuguese at 2110
3995  R292 with German songs The only possible for that time
7490 CCR 2200 with music and many talks Quite long talks  on 2220 Comments form ?? blast  Old rock songs after and some reference to QSLs and social media!

8-10 via canaries kSDR

9670 with Atlantic 2k with mush better reception than the 15dbm SNR signal in THS or even the nearby kSDR The program was recorded and screenshotted Due to a sudden visit.  
Also on 1630 with program in Dutch (seems as )  unlisted in their page! –75dbm  ca 35 dbm SNR via my SDR

Local SDR  
9685 CRI in Hausa  mentioning African countries 1634 20-25 db depth 
9705  vaticaninrussian at 1635 with -50dbm  and 5 khz wideaudio
9890 CNR13 //9420 with man talkinginuigur background with Korean operas -65dbm with huge 8kHz wide audio even if the highs are not clearly audible !
6090 NHK? 1647 with Koran talks with -70dbm signal stopped 35 secs before TOH sample audio for anyone can solver the puzzle:
6100  Hindi song of the 80s era at 1650 CRI Hindi via Kashi in swskeds
6130  is better than 7385 , with programs in English at -75dbm and traditional Tibetan music
2830 Olympia radio 1708 with meteo info under  the noise
6165 CRI with FSK jammer in tits LSB part idling centering on 6164 at 1730+
9675 R Saudi in in Indo quite early? 1745 and 1801 with news . QRMd by CRI in Farsi
9620 AIR 1803 with old Hindi songs 1810 with talks I arabic -54dbm
9600VoA? 1814 about the American democrats 51dbm
9450  CRI ? with Hindi song Jeene Ko to Jeete Hain Sabhi , koi mil gayaa at 1824 Program is in Hausa  -45 dbm signal with 2×7,5 kHz signal
9440 Cairo at 1820 with only hum with signal -45dbm

44 mb – pirates
6675 1644 QSOs talking to cable connections

MW band on 7-10 via canaries kSDR

531 Algerie  with program in French at 2128 S8
549 Jim FM?  With something as jazz music at 2127 Vous ecoutez Jim Fm live    S10
810 spain R madrid ‘cadena ser’ ID at 2153  Grat audio S9 Also IRIB is heard under
1278 Kermanshah Iran with man talking in Farsi , typical old Persian music , ack to talks S5
1377 CNR 21129 with Chinese music mixed with talks  S 5 Interesting reception!
1458  mixed  Gibraltar(?) and Lyca
1649  another greek pirate just marginal in THS
1660  in //THS pirate  155 with QSOs S5 at 2134
1668  plus him – S7
1677 Greco radio  Ikaros zono Beogrid  – poss greek S3 only


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