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4/10 logs

Ηιτ of the day: 9835 11665 RTM and 7290 Nabire ar off today . Checked  on 5015 0605 and 0815 via the nearby outlets in Jakarta Surabaya Philippines and Bangkok with the same results ….
Via canary silands 0510+
5140 Charlest0n  051x with S7 and English songs of the50s period
4840 religious program form B Stair good
6155 ORF?  With classical music and S2
6185   MEX Education guitar play music 0538
6501  USCG  with meteo ID 0540 US Common Commnander (?)with  ALE modem next message good
9400 Overcomer 0544 poltiical talks
9440 BBC in Hausa with  mentions in Nigeria
11730 NHK with lessons of Japanese in french
7255 no signal from NIGeria


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