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SDR logs in THS 29/9

SDRplay 29/9
4405  TAH with OM 1807  talx in Turkish with meteo -76dbm
4969 and 4991 idle?  CIS 12 type modems on 1804
5830 V o Iran with -62dbm max at 1756
5910 RRomI   1752 in Aromanian as per sched with news and reports -40dbm 66SR max The strongest in the band Spelled as R RumUnia
6165 CRI in English 1748 with talks -45 dbm or around 65 SNR  10.4kZh wide
6340L Italian  pirate operator 1815
6675L  the only Greek in that time 3-4 operators in QSO various signals 1811
6676U BKK meteo1811 in EG
7055 and 7050 still on operation !
8812 TAH turkey seems ENG with meteo
9635 VoTurkey in French with -55 dbm The carrier loads also a bunch of other variable carriers in both bands

11650 RRomI 1014 with a pop song female singer Invisible by Brighi  -75dbm or 45db RMS  ID in French
15053 Kontayner at only 10 kHZ quite poor
15190 PIlipinas  with best at -90dbm 1845  The only received in clear
15510 FEBA  1834  with many mentions in Sudan . Ibrahim -62dbm
15960  seem as container at 1020 but speed is higher 1019 with 20.4 kHZ wide signal
17490  CRI in English with so good signal at-41dbm at 1003 Some QRM from 17485
17600 R Algerie 1825 with talks in arabic
17650 CNR in Chinese with promo of Zhenzin zhongguo which follows Nice YL voice with talks -70dbm
17825 WWCR?  Seen something very different from the typical DRM signal  Look here
17855 REE in Spanish  QRM  from 17850 1822
21695 CNR jammer echoed (2x ) against RFAsia 1030  with news program -76dbm  2×8,5khz

1269  progressive songs of the past at 1036
1639  someone at -85 with iperohos (very good ) in QSO


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