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kSDR logs 17/9

Via Orlando Florida 17/9
 7335 R Marti  1045 with phone ins in Spanish and signal S20 -55dbm  ALSO oin 6030 with signal S30 or -45dbm Als on 7435 with little QRM form a digital packet stream
7245 RNZI pacific 1049 with man presenting a a seemingly Hawaiian music style signal S-75 dbm and very clear . in HV-AU  with -36 dbm
7850 CHU with tones hen mixed with FSK signal , tones and finally man talking the time  in English on 1052 IN the next minute with French !!! -85dbm
5025 Rebelde with good audio at 1055 and talks by YL  , historical themes  and CC diplomats Shanghai cooperation 77dbm

In Durango MEX
7220  CNR2  mixing with VoKorea at 1100 with signal -75 a mixing of two Chinese programs !
7275 KBS in Korean with news on 1104 Around -75dbm
7325 CRI in Japanese with lessons of Chinese at 1105 quite ealry time ! S-75

Via Hunter valley AU  (HV)
NO signal of Symban on 1111
3325  nothing from Indonesia , only on 4750 in Chinese mentioning I1su4 and Islam possibly making comparative religious analysis (this tested via Bandung s on HV the signals is only -95dbm with marginal reception under strong natural QRN )
4900 and 4940 two different programs of V f strait . 4900 with music on 1121 while 4940 is with talks .Both at -65 
7410 CRI in Tagalog over another Chinese station in p Amoy at 1126 at same times chcked a few other frequencies with CRI in tge band mentioning Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in the news . in the same news priotiy as with Tagalog . posivly Russia  provides gas to the east countries via these two
7355  with CNR 7  grater bay 1136 with OM and XL talking funny in Cantonese

A few in MW of bandung
540 RRI 4*with Jawa pop song a 1140 ID at RRI Bandung  Reference to a doctor seems related in psychological subjects  -65dbm signal with 4.7kHZ wide audio Many times mentioning ‘whining’ 
610  Voice of HO Chin Minh  1152 with traditional songs talks  in viet or posss Hmer Just -100 dbm
1458 R Fajri* with imam preaching at 1155. Some  background noise esp in the lower part of the band
1467 Radio Tarbiyah Sunnah* at 1158 this station has a buzzer of 2 kHz in the LSB part . mixed psalms and talks mentioning also Ibrahim New psalms after 120030
1116 R Barani* (=brave )1102 man with sialmic talks mixed with traditional Sunda music. several ID suara Pendidikan Berani
*As noted in mwlist  it s quite interesting that religious stations are mostly found in the upper part of the band


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