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KSDR Logs via canary islands…

…in the smartphone (and ear’s )
while waiting for leaving the house Times between 0535-0605(unnoticed below)
12095 0535 unIDed in African lang signal S9 >>per eibi BBC Hausa
7255  no 6115 neither
7265 ?? in French with talks S9 >> VoA
7295 R Algerie with Arabic talks S20  in //9395 at S7 on 0550 wit talks in medina 0555 with promo  then Quranic verses and ending with English nasyid then s off
7200 Algerie talk s in Arabic not // 7295
15030 AIR with program in Arabic mentioning S arabia S5
9395//9400 with overcomer or…
9330 WBCQ is back with reference to Yahweh 0949  with S20 Again 0645 with S40 on 15/9

Also on 15/9 again via the Canary kSDR in the  mini PC :
Hit of the day
7400  station with only music with time after time overpassing the TOH Something as ID that seems Portuguese at 0901 S5 Nice pop songs of 80s
better signal in Ireland NW and Sufriere St Lucia Recs from these. Unclear ID  of type “ madrugad ??: strong Fix” heard near the end of the recording

7265 BBC (IDed ) at 0948 with sports news a great -65dbm
7410 BBC in Hausa with talks ID noticed, broadband plan S9
5040 RHC with English program mentions  the corona problem , underground Cuban music ID 0655 S9 or -80dbm
4690 QSO net in Arabic 0657
5995 Mali booming at S9 on 0721 with talks in French
6185 Nice cha cha love song on 0723  from R Education  Mexico ‘no puerdo verte como amiga’ at 0725 followed by ‘meneito me’ again by Pochy . Verified  also via Athens GA USA  which gives the best signal


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