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kSDR only logs for 12/9

5995  Mali  at 0726  with great signal in canary Islands at S7  /S1 aired Jarre’s ‘Oxygene I’ music track  start then with man with talks  in local
NO Nigeria this morning at 0725 , no signal from Vanuatu in 7932
5935 with WWCR per iebi 0730 seems not exactly as religious , woman talking and laughs from the audience
6185 I can think this is education from Mexixo on 0731 Checked also oin Brownsville USA kSDR to agree with the music program.  Slow atmospheric instrumental music S7 max with some QSB
9330 WBCQ? 0735  Strong with Spanish program local signal S30
9265  WINB  0738Pres half signal with idle carriers and remain with DRM type modulation then testing later in Allicante SP
9670 with religious TOM type filler(?)  program and S9  
9635 Mali  0820 with talks in local language (Bambara?) with good signal S8 (-68dbm)
9330 WCQ Last Chance 0827 in Portuguese S7 too typical voice from Brazilian stations heard
11775 once again erdogan is winning the signal fight with denge welat !  0828
15590 CRI? In CC 0831 with -74dbm signal and 5% errors . fir unknown reasons the API shows only the program list instead of the control panel
15785 Funk lust  German as noticed in eibi  also with DRM and very clear and stable reception even if the signal is poor “Nor deine gitar radio” announced. But I m not enthused by the audio quality.  Still a bit telephonic Checked also in Eire with two services
15775  CNR with program in CC . At 15777 FSK TTY mode at 50 bd with stronger signal
17600 Algerie?  0852 with Arabic pop song talks at 0856 wit clock on 0900  signal is better and more clear on Hugelgoat FR
7245 RNZI Pacific !!!  0912  nice to listen to this station ion the W Europe part of the planet in canary islands kSDR , good reception even if signal is just S5  


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