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29/8 lox

29/8 with local SDR
7110 Ethiopia 1741 with talks  (news ? )in Amharic by YL Good audio 35+ db SNR  RMS
9884.88  with program in Russian KNLS New life At 1801 hen with rock song Ther is some standard shift from the main 9890.
9920 R Thailand in Thai 1807  with talks  and sporadic background music SNR 43db  -94 dbm

AND VIA canary islands
7255 Nigeria with 32db is just marginal above the noise locally semes no mod Remote in canaries signal is clear with good modulation and  -63 /-100dbm signal
1644U Arrecife Radio ACAN in English las palmas  persons on board only via cabarias
DMR mode on 7245 RRom   and 7305 TDF test

Non broadcast logs:  
7424 lgs with ITA code 1727 then off
6570 SSB talka in Italian 1730 25 db SNR
6737-53  18kHZ wide OTHR Signal on 1737  15db SNR
7050L piccolo like signal mixed with Russian operators 1743
7480 +/- 8 kHz wide Kontayer  1748 signal with 24 db SNR (-110) als on 7573
8313 or ?? with slot machine 1752
8992  USAF  with ncded text -95/ 25+ db SMR smoothers wih stand by 1756
9716 with American OTHR kind  1759*
6980 QSOs in Italian   talking on antennas  20 dbS NR beater in Austria
6660 Echo bravos 2111 pirates from France with funny talks


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