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Logs 28/8

Via Twente
6160 -10vHz  Shortwave radio 0830 with nice pop songs of the older period with -72dbm «somany people’ 
6140 ?? -13Hz  0834  (R onda?) and 0846  with old orchestral music > It gor me many years back! Synchro introduces fading  Much better with Standard AM
6130 R Europa song 0850 believe of Queen . yoa re now ready for the next stage radio Europa continues with a 60s song  jingle R Europe transmission Also on -70dbm
6120  song `de glennee jader’   (norwegian : the glen jades) and continued with the same group’s Germanic types of songs ID  «You are listening to personal(?) radio’ followed by the song  `Wie De blonde rosemarie’ by a fem group   Ther si some ID by OM R ???? delta at IN audio at 0305
Finally this is ID as R Casanova after more careful listening and verification from other DXers in the WOR list
Its fading pattern is very beautiful Watch it !
6185 Classik  with talk in Dutch clock at 1830 with capital radio  and talks again with dutch and English and ‘horny night’ song Pea -62k dbm
1620 local nearby station in Twente with -8dbm (!!!) signal and folk Dutch songs `EI shmueche Adikuchi`  on 0925 with typical American country at 0927
693 BBC 5 with ID  some adverts then back to a discussion Simms Diagnosed and American country song mixed under discussions Alice cooper?  Come together -65dbm Interesting

Also in THS
6170   VoA Kurdish with continuous mentions of Erdogan and turkey at 1937  ID at end of message ‘Dengi America ‘  55dbRMS.SNR
6145 KBS with Korean pop songs . some strong QSB as heard in binaural -77 63dbSNR
6622U talks in USB meteo? Gander
1476 interesting to listen to Arabic nasyid song wih -97dbm in the clear \Arabiya wataniya‘ meaning as the Arabic homeland 1911  with only arabic talks. UAE instead of  kerala program? NO, Kelralam is heard once for very short over the other sation that is supposedly Egypt Good  opening from Keralam on 1918
On the spectrum analyzer I can see two signals spaced on 1476  Keralam  and 1476.2 supp  ‘Egypt’ with ca 7-10 db of signal difference
Also 1503  Egypt? With kuranic talks -96  with 37/34 db SNR between the two carries space 300 Hz  lower !


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