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my SDR Logs 26/8

Mostly using SDRconsole with Youloop
9155 CBR at 1711 with 33 dbm SNR max
7510  TWR? 1734   With afro music  talks iin  1736 in Silte -95dbm 46SNR
6015 PBS Xinjiang ended  on 1801 after the hymn
5845 Furusato no kaze ふるさと の 風at -106/135dbm signal is NOT heard over the noise Around the same time
3955 KBS via GE 2012 with program in german with up to 50 db SNR ar RMS levels

1700 alitovios in a QSO net with SNR60+dbm (-135bm floor)
153  RRSatelor at 1723 in rthe clear with traditional song -1118dbm but 22 dbSNR   atv 1729 faded out

1476 the new Keralam കേരളം station  has been checked via many European kSdRs with poor signal and strong  QRM from 1467 Times  2045-53 In my QTH in Thesaloniki the signal is mixed with IRIB – slightly better and local QRN

So called  44 mb:
6661  someone calling ‘adde adde’ etc at 1634
6685 at 1703 with again the female voice QRMing the discussion between the two other guys . Unclear language, signal levels to 35 dbSNR  max  the fun continues  later on 6675  when someone aired party songs  !1
6655 French USB pirate  again as in 25th called “Echo Charlie Jammers” with music and poor signal locally heard best again on  Lauwe BG kSDR and temporarily stopped 1711 with talks in French
6650 OM counting in Greek at 1718good
6660 at 1749 with Greek counting  at 1749 on 6700 45dbASNR at 2016  with French talks


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