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Logs for 23-25

23/8 using PL550 and 11/15 mix with new tube coupler
7205  for more than 25 minutes listening to XJPBS with long talks in Uighur between OM and YL  good for making someone to get in sleep .
6245  VoPeople in Korean 2045  heard also some English fair

24/8 with some 44 m pirates using PL330 and coupler
6665 listening for more than 40 minutes two ops dicussing in  general . around 19z good signals
6669  two Greeks with  technical topics on radio and antennas . same time with others
FYI I have herd last week from  a same channel that  transmitting without ATU is much better than with ATU  These accessories can lower the total system gain!

Checking the Youloop clone with its 6 m cable and Airspy HF+D

6100 “This is TWR from Eswatini” 1658 Tunes of TWR ID in lang “aye  feba radio” and  “Yohan di be” Program in unID lang with OM talking -60dbFS >>> eibi shows Yao to Mozambique
6165 CRI in English 1003 with news interesting to see that audio is increased in the higher frequencies! Program ‘world inside’  . then about Taiwan
CNR 1708  with talks . some audio is here SNR30 (-59.5/-95)
checked to be in //4800
12035  VoA Deewa radio 1725  with ID and sort tune ID once gain -41/-81dbm
9500 TWR in Oromo mixed with RRomania SDR Studio is going fair jib to kill Romania
9570 CRI on the occupation on Afghanistan 1738 with program in English
9585   seems as jammed . BBC Arabic 1741 There is something asx the NK type of jammer centered 2 kHz lower
9780  NHK  in ?? with garbled audio!!! 1746 just listen to the audio
7055 someone is playing Russian music at 1756

A few 44mb logs:
6640L OM with airing old skyladiko songs! 1757 with -97dbm
6675 net with someone talking while YL voice is heard saying to ‘tap’  someone using some …nasty wording  (surely someone idiot )  35 dbSNR later this jammer started sending noise every time someone is QSO ing
6665  interesting net system with many ops dong QSY 18+
6655  another with music but very poor ata 10 dbSNR  but very good in Belgie ! S9   someone with funny music and guitar
6690 at 1819 counting with 35dbSNR
5990  imam praying at 1826  -85dbm 42SNR  >>VOIRI
5945 TRΤ carrier  is mixed with several  audio tones of 1+ khz that effect its audio  but not severe At 1830 with English program
9330  WBCQ no signal this time  1839 !! only some OTHR  Whatis happening?
6660  someone talking in nonstandard English at 1902 then airing music


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