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Logs on 9+/8 with kSDRs + locally

5915 Zambia 1  2006 via TWR S Africa with S9 signal with nearly stable signal , talk by two men a station tat cat be heard in THS tyalk on congo too
5995 Mali at S7 with fades worse reception than in  Salonica with S10 ..
1214 Botswana radio S10 //1350 S35  with local songs at 2012
Local reception on 0215-17   10/8  checked outdoors with PL330 :
5140 Charleston intl with oldies is poor
5130 R  Angela , just only  noise
6060 R Habana Cuba with talks good 
11895.3 via Argentina SDR , R Boa Vontade with religious talks / coracao , emotional , sintoionia , 2 days , a telephon number and a PCbell 83???  , then a short voice of a child khz gaussa and ID S8 leve;!
11880 CRI in Hakka mentioned in the program , sounds similar  to Cantonese

5025 R Rebelde CUB noted these days with overladed  or distorted audio. I(n  cintrast I have tried many times esp via Boca Raton FL USA kSDR  with still good and not overloaded audio except only once with signal S10 times were 1449 on 9/8   1229 & 1851 10/8
Also on 9/8 in same kSDR :
5010 WRMI 1406 with religious songs S10 too! //5850 S10
7490 WBCQ ? with talks by OM
9980 WRMI 1856 with old song – or religious?- with S9 //9980 11860
11860 R Marti with several ID on 1900 then with news in spanish  9 There is some little QRM from a


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