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OD Logs for August 5+6

OD Stands for out door

In the beach using the PL330 alone . Later will add some wire for better signal
There was the typical noise caused by the telephonic cables

15390 CNR13 1046 with Turkic songs Good
9820 CNR2  1052 with pop songs 1058 with adverts a quite early reception? 1100 off   10-13 max 19 /??
9680 CNR jammer ? 1101 with news  with fast strong fade
9420 CNR13 1105 fades ins is possible QSY from 15390  News program 12/??
11745 Alalam 1108 with talks poss news but quite marginal signal
21670 R Saudi Intl with Indonesian  song seems overmod or garbled 16/02 poor at best
12005 farda 24/10 1118 with Persian songs ID at 11230 after the clok sound
12055 CNR17  KZ with songs , the thrd  song after with singer good for singing operas Signal  24/0…13 (fair )
12095 FEBC at 1140 in a language of the Tai Viet type (eibi shows Hmong ) Ner marginal signal
12120  FEBC in CC type language 1145 with just talks    eibi shows Hakka
11253 U RAF Volmet 1147 with marginal signal
11590 //17650 CNR VoC #1 with talks by OM  on 1155

9670 Radio 292 is marginal at S3 max   
15335 CRI Russian 1204 has several short power outages
15030 AIR? There is only carrier at 1205
15825 1207 on WWCR with ‘you are my master ‘ religious program and fair signal
15800 CNR jammer at 1217 with 20/10 signal
15770 supreme master? WRMI  with talk in Russian 19/10

1577 pavlos with F/G signal at 1200 with canned ID with web address He is then live on air experimenting


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