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Mini kSDR shreds 3/8/22

15340 Algeria  0927 once again heard via Canary islands with S7 signal but low modulation at 0930 signal is S9+  There is some QRM from Cri Russian with lower signal Higher audio frequencies are shown quite high in the spectrum analyzer
On 153  is different program with nominal S9 plus
171 radio Medi with news in French , about Congo Instabul Also S9 , striong QRN in the band at -120dbm

15800 CNR jammer 0954 marginal on S5 max , via Santarem Portugal

9650 via Cyrpus with SABC A rabia at ever low modulation
9655 via Cyprus TRT in Georgian 0907 with a FMish footprint  (carriers )
9840 V vo Vietnam via BKK SDR with local like signal S20+

9835  Sarawak FM 1035 killed under Vietnam in the thai kSDR. S20 on Surabaya with song Doa by the great singer Rahimah (~1037) nasyid on 1044 once again a Muslim feast in the way … (poss Islamic new year on 30.7?the next os on 8.8)
1049 with priest
11665 Wai is nil also on both Bangkok SDR Surabaya and Philipines.
 Possibly  it is off?
The same in Tecsun R kSDR in Australia

9870 CNR1 VoC in DRM with fair audio SNR15db .news program. Different in-fidelity audio than the AM mode  but still no the waited!  Via PHL ksdsr

AIR Bengaluru sudden transmission as notice ny Jose Jacob on 15030 at 1440+
S5 in a German kSDR   on 1445
45/20 in mt Olympus beaches : good to local  signal nearly over modulated

MW tested via  Cyprus (0959-1000)
630  TRT with news in Turkish on  Greece and Cavushogly Also on 890
693 RIK 1 with program promos and adverts at 0959 ID at 1000 S10
639 BBC? As ID after the TOH in Arabic.  Also on 720   S7 mixed with carriers


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