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DXing with Youloop clone & Airspy Hf+ Discovery 25+26/7

9095 with VoP instead of 9100 at 1956 Signal is still QRMed by another STANAG signal on the upper band
9410 Egyt has a more aggressive pattern today with more than 25 kHz bandwidth of hum or buzzer with a Fmish like modulation clock was on 200130  then off with a short  buzzer transmission for 35 secinds on 9413  then again off
9835 IRIN with very low modulation at 2006 and program in English Als on 9855 with better audio Bth at -85/140 
1386.4  Greek pirate with PLL problems as the signal is fluctuating a bit lower

More Than  4Pirates In The Mw Band On 09z
1680 (-80DBM )1629 (-92 dbm ) 1576 (-95 old pops ) 1165 (-70 discos )972(-75 oldies) and ERA 1(-94 dbm )
11775 again Erdogan  wins here  on 0916 -90dbm
6685  greek op CQDXing 1612  with 75 dbm
11620 program in Enlish 1617  , full of stream transmission artifacts
5140 Charleston at  -100/130 signal with typical program,
4950 via TWR Safr  with S7 and hilife songs at 2230

153 RRA Actulitat  -106.2/140 talks Oxygene music form JMJare
171 Medi1 -107 with a song talks after  2200
198 BBC with 35db SNR at 2204 and news
Alson 234  with 22db SNR and 252  wi 35db SnR ut noise iell them
225 Ploskie radio with 45db SMR at 204 ith aso news program

Greek pirates on MW
1170 Salonician with very good signal and audio The station operator called me for control Also Paul on 1557  separately did the same His main problem is USB only modulation and wandering carrier There was some fruitful discussion with him via messenger
1700 Mr Unknown  (ID name!) doing CQ on 1625. Super  Sound  replied and started discussions . Both with great sound in SDRConsole 42db SNR in Sharp  with stronger bass over the SDSRC also 43dbm very nice reception.

1680 a local pirate on 1627 transmitting in CQUAM is heard in ‘binaural/ stereo’  in  both Sharp and Console
Console down sampled binaural into mono.
MY recordings with external program shown some difference between the L/R channels (this can be meant stereo!) even if the extracted audio is heard as binaural


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