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SDR logs in THS 24/7

9510 IRRS with program amazing sact ended on 0959 . Very funny sharp female voice Some nice soft pop music after 1023 with a Dx program
I was this time doing experiments with a Youloop antenna and the SDR Sharp trying to get a bit better and lower noise reception -70 dbm in Aisrpy weith 35dbSBR  and ca -100 dbm in SDRconsole but with quite better audio at 4.8kHz wide audio
Airspy is heavy bass

11775 Welât vis TRT or Erdoğan : at 1230 today there was surely TRT announcing ID inKUrdish as Radio Denge ??? (Trt or turkiye in very short ) mentioning also times and freqs  and  stressing in the world HAZAR . This was mentioned two times and hen the typical hymns were heard At around 1325 a males voice was  heard some cries and the typical hymns – just two? – and some talks by Mr Him /bedlog with PL330 and in-distinctive balun reception with 11/15  antenna The youloop was also tested quite earlier with SMA – 3.9 adaptor with quite poorer reception (>20db)

9400 Spaceline? Brother Stair  1843 in very low modulation a priest surely from ToM shouting to talk religious Up to 35 dbSNR (-111 with -140QRN level using the youloop )
9100 once again VoPeople is mixed with a stanag signal in the USB and with a carrier on the LSB part on 1848
153 RR Actualitaţa at 1904 with -100/-130dbm signal  and the typical traditional songs. A very difficult otherwise signal to hear ith any other system design!   Continuous random sparkles in the band
5900 R Taiwan intl with ID  in German at 1929 ie before closeng the program 51db SNR max (clear audio) Dardasha on 1931!
5910 RRomania 1928 with program in Serbian (I can identify that ) 65dbm SNR
9675 R Saudi Intl 1934 in Indo with clear and good audio about Islam  in Europe A few times voce is garbled
9440 Cairio in eglish at 1937 with garbled as usual but very carefully and with headphones you can understand a bit under the garbling and the hum it is better if using binaural mode to listen There is also a Spur buzz on 4415 . lAos heard on 25rth
4750 Bangla radio with hindi talks at 1943  with -90/130 dbm signal and quite clear sound Very rare and so goo reception!
4625  the well known beeper is shown /head very good too  an clear from any QRMer ! 15 db SNR at least at 1949
1730 pirate in LSB playing music ! Heard also on Magfia SDR in N Italy and better in the French alps but lesser in Belgium

FRS si heard in the town  at 1915
Around 28.5 db SNR on 6185
26.1 db SNR on 7715
39.2 db SNR on  5800 can -115dbm
music verified by listening to a SDR in  Sweden ! notice that this local noise is quite harsh to limit listening to a nearly marginal level


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