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Logs 21+22/7 local

IN Thessaloniki using PL330 and 10+15 m antennas coupled into a balun

Using PL330 and antenna 10+15m
11645  VoKorea in Arabic with ID at1700 55/03
5900 R Taiwan intl   in Russian via ?? 1702 qirth 55/24
5985   in Eng /Swahili? 1706 with phone ins
6050   Xizang PBS 1708with nice instrumental music
6100   TWR Swaziland*  1713 with funny afropop with discussions in fast track ad its fading
6165 CRI 1714 in English with economic instability of Ukraine XX
9900 Cairo 1734 with garbled audio only in Albanian and good modulation 46/22 and Arabic pop song (westernized)
11735 RFE/RL  1742 with signal 23/12 with program in tajik as mentioned
7110 Ethiopia  still on 1755 with fair signal but under some local QRN  it is quite high in the centre of the city

Logs for 22/7
7540 CNR mixe with two more Chinese (p) signals one fo them is music57/06
7495 VoA 1630 ‘woyase emroz ‘ reference in farsi ? No it is pushtu*    with signal 44/10
7385 Xizang PBS with English program Holy Tibet I think. 1635 with mysterious semi Chinese POP song man and woman talking about traditional festivals  55/15
7205 Xinjiang PBS with Turkic song  with ID in Uighur at 1655 Quite poor signal
7110 Ethiopia 1655 with good signal and modulation with talk in Amharic Instrumental play before 1700 with short talks and vice versa. After the 1700 with news that continued after 1730!
9100 Vo People  in Korean clear from any QRM on 1708
6865 CNR 1 with good signal at 53/20 on 1732 with adverts
9730 VoVietnam 1730 Good signal  just noticed without adding more info
6070 Tumbril via R292 2016 quite noisy to be heard even at 57/16 best solution is using Twente as usual !! Opera at 2019
At 6060 Iran aired the well known ‘pot pouri’ disco  tune of 70s
5935 war of signals between Erdoğan vs Welat at 2100 with the first winning and heard in the clear, Sad
7055 the Russian Ukrainian radio war still continuing at 2115!
11900 VoA in a African language BM* noticed ie Bambara with refers to Mali Good signal
11910 NHK in Japanese 2133 with children song that seems a gyms program. The man is leading the children to dance or do the gyms Good  
9670 ToM program via R 292 , emphatic talks !

And via
4965 Voice of Hope Africa   2024 with S10 signal , religious program
5995 is slightly better than locally at 2028 Some afro pop with S8 signal
Just to notice I have made a reception a few days before this week listening RN Angola at roughly the same time

Two utes from THS:
7290 FSK signal idling at 50bd at 1648 Heard something  that poss seems as ID in between these idles -short texts that  seem standard baudot-
6610U there is an new RU network with talks between people at 1708 . Change of RU Psyops, Mentions also of Ukr

* as per eibi list


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