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Greek Music Refuge 23/7

5130  Greek Music Refuge tested In Twente on 0215 with fair reception at -80dbm with 15 db fading
In most points in W Europe including Canary islands the signal of GMR is good and starts to get less in Italy with no signal in Russia Poland and in Thessaloniki where  I could only find two carriers on 5129.9 and 5129.98 at roughly -80dbm each as tested in my SDR . IN contrast signal was also received in the S Americas  with some inherent hum
Places tested Eire (S20) Germany (S10 ) France(S10 ) and a few more that were unnoticed in the list. Poland nothing  in  Moscow with just carriers similar to Thessaloniki

A few more logs this morning with the SDR:
5140 Charleston good in the Italy SDR at 0334 just marginal here
6000  Cuba? 033 with typical Latin songs -64 dbm
6030 Radio Marti with Latin songs with -71dbm mentioning Carlos Santana //7435 also with -80dbm signal
6165 TRT with just music at 0349 . English program at -53dbm
9330 WBCQ with -55dbm signal at 0359 and program in French with fading to 15 db only Wished this transmitter could carry our program for better audience


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