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Local SDr logs? 10/7

….Testing with Airspy HF+D  and new program version 1868

Centered on 15109,7 Kuwait is today transmitting off-frequency at 1029 .. tested in  both Airspy and Console     Optimal reception filter is 4870×2 kHZ =9740KHz

More logs using the same  system: 

9510 IRRS  with religious program 0950  33 db SNR 
9610 AWR* in Italian at 0952  with 22 db SNR
17490 CGTN at 1005 with news. Strong audio hum 36db SNR
15390 CNR13 at 1014 with funny Turkic music Max 33 db SNR
15800 CNR jammer against ?? with max 18 db SNR
17485 another CNR jamming  frequency at 1040 with talk in CC, nearby the CGTN mountain Best to use the SSB filter for better audio 36.5dbm SNR that time CGTNIs 45 dbm max!
17570 CRI is NOT Tibetan* as scheduled. This is Magyar in //15220 SNR54db ,2×10 kHz wide
17775 VoA in Somali , 1046 with talx, mentioning also Somalian, 1048 a HoA song 2×5 kHz wide with 55 db SNR
17830 R Farda 1049 in the real poor at 31db but still high noise
21670 R Saudi Intl 1050 with phone-in  in Indonesian lang possibly on Idul Adha  Just 34 db  SNR mixed with local QRN
* as per Eibi listing

The 26/27 band is full from operators A few from the hundreds this time   (10)
27270 QSO in Italian 1052  22 db SNR
27465 Italian operator in Am 30 db SNR
27515 Spanish op <25db

18130 1008 operator under QSO in Eglish


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