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Local  reception 9/7/12

…using 11/15 m antennas with 1/9 balun and connected with SMA into the SDR Play

All freq  sorted
4848.5  someone using LSB and airing in Turkish or similar Squelch enabled in recording :
6005 R Taiwan (?)with -35 dbm in french between OM/YL  with discussions on the country. Via Bulgaria .Around 5 kHz wide!
 6020 AT 1922 Cri in Albanian (?) ith -45dbm and western pop song  and 1923 with Chinese ezl The audio bandwidth is 10 kHz covering 20 kHz of band …Also on 7385 at 1955 with ID and short talks in Albanian
6070 /9670 no way to listen  Tumbril locally : 6070 is full of local noise 9670 with just 5 db SNR only on 10z I tried via Twente with good signal (I think -65dbm? ) and experimented with ISB reception . Unfortuantely there is no Synchro SSB to adjust accurately as doing separate LSB and USB had <10Hz reception errors!
6090 CRI /RO 1928 with just 5kHz wide audio …. Nice ballad music
6520 Vo People 1935 mixed with QRN from N Korea as usual but still partially listenable -72
6675  On the 44mb 1938   ‘τι επαθες αφησες αυτι’ (what- happens -opens- ear ) random words   female computer voiced. The system operator replied to her (?)  asking her to see the psychanalyst . 1939 old traditional song is played for 55 seconds !! -80dbm then off
6693 Novosibirsk Volmet 1943 wks in RU with temps . -100dbm
7245 Cri in Russian , the way of talking is quite ‘grandiose’ as like reading a poem – which is not-  at -75 dbm only on 1950 also lots of static
8939 Rostov Radio 1957 with meteo info -85dbm
9410 Cairo , 1959 with only hum heard  and 2001* Signal -45dbm 9410 signed off 20.0.30   CAor
9425 Vo Korea 2005 with good sound and program in Korean -60dbm
9510 Algeria in French at 2007  with news.  Als on 9660 !   Both at -60dbm  at 2019 bacvk to usual Quran chanting
9675.013 exact SABC in Indo with religious program with signal at -60 with 20 dbm fading. There is also a little wandering carrier  on 9674.16kHz shifting lower  at 73.5 at 2014
9810 Cairo with a song at 2022 relatively poorly under its garbling and little hum audible only with headphones -48dbm max French program
9875  TRT with program in English . Nice sharp audio and signal at -60dbm .Mixed with VoKorea this is the only freq in this time in Eng
Dbm  660 with -80dbm
11635 VoK 2047 with its national hymn then only carrier KCBS noticed on eibi
13128U TAH Turkish radio wi th news(?) in Turkish  v-96dbm  1005


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