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Aussie Loging 9/7

Reception via Forster:
Just 4835  on 0829  with oldie song style Frank Sinatra then man talking in Enlgish , Nice sweet  OM  voice!  Back to song at 0833 Signal clear with -103 dbm
SW Australia is noted on WOR

Also 2325 nonstop music station at 0840 with old pop song with -104dbm via Forster Nearly same level in Caberra Peter Tate  as posted in WOR by Brian Powel
2310 another with only talks at 0842 seems as relaying Christian program Classical music on ToH  0900 . Also ‘visible’ in Canbera and Teralba, the latter  tagging them as SW Australia  With more checking I found  being in //4835.  Best SNR on Hunter Valley among the  remain kSDRs  noticed here   
Audio : Https://

No Symban on 2368kHz  but audible  in 1692 k MW  
By chance a station on 1629 mentioned Christmas … at 0934!!   (via Forster )

4940  Vo Strait in CC with talks and advert at 0945 There is another station under with talks in Spanish

RTM Sarawak /Wai  :
-11665 and 9835  are also audible in Rotorua with S5 and S7 respectively at  0925
-IN hunter valley 9835 as S7 and 11665 at S5 at 0957 same at 1015
-IN Perth: 11665 at  S7  and 9835 at S9 at 1015
They will have again Ramadan soon as noticed by the songs aired, 7 o clock notice at 10z.  


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