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Beach logs for 29/6

In the beach nearby the mt Olympus the house of Gods ,with PL330 in a very clean noise environment PL330 finds emissions from the nearby smartphones
11670 CGTN 1215 about Netanyahu and the bad government administration , More in Israeli politics . Program global business Good signal
11710 CNR 1230 with xinhua lianbo after the well known hymn (the east is red? ) 35/20
11745 S Arabia Al alam 1233 with dance songs of the 70s Good
11775erdoigan is alone at 1235 with only hymns 40+/25
11805 ??? in Russian 1240 with talks  VAtican R
11860 Yemeni radio with signal 26/16 but low modulation  with talsk in Arabic 1245
11910 1250 with pop song in Cantonese and talk in same lang after it 25/15
12095 FEBC 1253 talk in a viet type lang 15/05
12120 FEBC 1257 with talk in a bamar  language with instrumental music banckground , religious chant then 25/15
9420 CNR 13 with its program . Nothing from ERA that time …
15770 with religious program at 1303 10/7
15630 V  o Iran  at 42/15 v good at 1302 with headlines About Kurdistan
15670  with religious program in Korean  references to Kristo Yesu >>>AWR
15090 R liberty in Dari via KW 1310 with HIndic songs of th e70 era 37/15 with string QRm froom Kontayner OTHR of 50/00 signal
11665 Wai FM marginal at best 1332 is heard better touching the tent tube  with marginal signal at best . At 1340+ also Sarawak FM on9835 could be heard marginally during fadeups

9835 via smart and Bandung kSDR is herd not so strong (S5 /8 mode )but with strong RM from CNR 9830  with western pop followed by the ‘well known’ song of Fauziah Latif Teratai layu di tasikmadu a top singer of 80s  11665 has better reception


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