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Logs for 14/6

via Africa kSDR
17640 BBC 0729 with ?? , ID then promo for business daily 0730 BBC News . string at S20 //17530 at S9 //17830 S9

Via Mawi kSDR HW
ADD :Vanuatu
3945 ,7890 and 11835 have been heard with S5-7 signal with better reception 11835 due to less band noise .0740z June 15 via Maui SDR
Also on 0607 in June 16
Not on 14

CHU back 7850 at 0740 with c;ock tomes ID   time notice and French translation
7780 ?? via WRMI with Glory Halleluyah from V of Last Date S10
5850 5890 5970 5950  USA stations with religious programs in that time
7275 KBS with IS in Korean and Japanese at 0756 S9 signal
11780 R N Amazonia  ID at 0759 with analytical station freqs , cocks voice , mentions of various radio stations of the region Near to S9
11665 Wai Fm is heard with S7 max signal at 0805 CNR on 11660 and 11670 QRM them. NO signal on 9835
11635 Cuba? 0810 With digital signal , different voice headers in Spanish before or after the digital stream 11?777   537??
11695 CNR1 or  1 AAC (3E8) 中国之声 UEP (21.7%) Audio 8.38 kbps 0815  the problem is that even the signal is good is not decoded by  the plugin S10
7245 RNZI 0822 with phone ins S20 max signal Carrier after 0828 Audio returned after 0829 ref to ABC Radio Australia Quite nonstandard pronunciation


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