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Logs for 10/6/22 using kSDRs

Sorted by band /freq

153  RRActulitata 1340 with traditional Romanian songs S7 /S4 with very strong QRN Via Rzeszow PL
225 Polski radio Radio 1337 with talk between two men Via Rzeszow PL

1638 Arabic station with song from Om Kalthum at 1518 song of the 70s . mixed with another after some fade off Via Forster NSWwales

3325  RRI 1503 with Chinese program . Quite clear at S5 in U SB mode at 4750 only CNR is herd Via Forster NSWales
3480 (very possible )Vo People in the clear ! 1505 Man with talks in Korean at S9 Via Forster NSWwales
4800 CNR is not active this time What happens Via Forster NSWales
5136  man with double words  in Chinese 1511 Via Forster NSWwales
6110 In Kenya Xizang is heard at 1445 with trad music Meanwhile same time Ethiopia is head in Kuiwat kSDR with Fana? heard – different music or language At 1453  Xizang BS is over the Fana signal but in Kenya is in reverse!  The nice-ties of QSB
7110 Ethiopia in // Nairobi and Kuwait with S10 and S9 respectively with GOOD audio
9420  only CNR13 is heard in the clear > goodbye ERA? Testrd with 2 more kSDrs with no signal from ERA: Electron at 8user mode: just CNR13 Also on Wales kSDR
11775 at 1415 via Kuwait SDR , the Turkish signal wins the signal battle with S20
11775 both stations – Welat/Turkish  – are mixed   1352 . on 9/6 on same time in THS the Turkish station was in the clear and nearly lcal with very deep fades as heard in a toy radio . Via Rzeszow PL
11965 TRT in Turkish signed off 1356 Signal S7 Via Rzeszow PL
15030 AIR in Farsi 1358 instead of the mentioned Swahili [?] with S10 signal and news program Via Rzeszow PL
15110 Kuwait . signal S10+ but still cant decode the signal digital  SNR 9 db Via Rzeszow PL
15800  CNR/CRI? 1406 with man talking Via Rzeszow PL


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