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kSDSR logs on 5/6

VIA India kSDR

12120  Mashaal with man IDing at 1001 after airing Persian dance pop music fignal S9
12005 CRI in CA to PAC 1003 with trad song S9
17485 DRM Service at 1008  Due to possible system underruns the signal is not detected  tried to use e Dream program with no success S20
17490 CRI is justa  S5 carrier sinal
17550 CRI in English towards SEA with GOOD signal S20+
17680 CRI in Malay 1014 a family program episode XX S20 Also on 15135 S10 max
17830 farda via  1017Germany received in S9 Both QRM and QSB

In vadoora
MW :
801 with S9 DR with 3 programs Rajkot / News on aAir and a digital stream Once again  there is no decoding Different format ?
Thore are two more streams at  832-850 ()and on 1067-1084 (poor )
810 AIR singing on 1028 with the typical traditional IS music Akashavani Marashkut jingle at 1030 and  new ID , with Bolly pop song followed – seems as a Muslim S15 “komeja dahoo’

Mawi HW
7245  RNZI  1037 OM with talks with his life A charity person  S20
7270 PBS Nei meigu  with prog in Mongol 104l , this pronunciation is the lightest among of the  heard so far S9
7335 R Marti 1044  So looong to listen to them I understood the station before looking the eibi listing . There were also a few mentions in the program An phone in interview  S10 there-seems to be a some QRM from the Cuban jammer buut also a whistling from a only carrier n 7340
7355 R Japan 1048 in English with news then with weather forecast. In the eibi list is noticed is also program same time 1030-1050  other days in Russian  Left the band with  a stream  similar to Link 11 format
7570 B stair 1054 with different man talking religious program ; kingdom; S20  in//4980
7645 Poss SoH at 1056 with talks by YL S5 only

Via Rotorua  NZL
5045 Islans FM 88 with adverts at 1100-01 then with songs Just S7
5055 4XZ at 1103 sudden s off aS7


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