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Logs for 3 /6/22

Local SDR RSP1a + 10/15m with balun
9100 VoP at 065dbm with a carrier at 9098.6 at -80dbm and at 1804 a STANAG signal started
9155 CNR hammer at 1806 with talks signal -72dbm and adverts QALSO ON 9255 AT -65DBM
9181 RU psyops again there at 1808 with -90dbm, signal
9245 vOk 1811 with program in German Signal uptto -50dbm
9440 Cairo 1813 quite low audio under the middle elvel of hum
9620 AIR in Arabic 1817 with tlks and music -51dbm
9632c Kontayner 1818  with ‘standard’ 10 kHz wide signal …. -85db/-120m
9800 TWR in Arabic 1821
10465  10460  russian operators at 1825 At 1826 ther is aconainer burst starting at -90dbmone operator movedin 0469.65  at 1843 no Kontayner with Russian operators in the band
11175 USAF with encoded text 1828
11895 CRI in Amoy  on 1832 with alks over Chinese  with music in HiFi mode ie ca 2x10kHz Also great sinal at +55dbm
11965 BBC in assumed Amharic 1836 this does not 10sound so Amharic to my years ….
8890  8879U  in SUB ENgish  1901
8889  Russian with talks
8991 U talks in Russian – 100 dbm or lower 19z
8957 Shannon Volmet 1903  meteo talks UL -95dbm   English
5140 Charleston Intl 1924 berty oldies of the far past
9835 IRIN in English 1947 with talks Islamic program -68dbm

Kuwait city :
963 with program in English mixed with trafditioanl  arabic songs refering to some traditions , ach cities in Jordan  ON Misbah meaning
4 signal only on MW with S5-7 signal only ie  a acant band on late local midnights
Notice : all MW transmissions are mixed with inner hum. Heard in the #3 antenna


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