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logs 27/5

own SDR in THS GR , 10+15 m wires with balun
5445 sounds as square tone 1704
6266  DB zender ()?at  2006 with old Dutch songs  Heardin Finaland by typing error and rechecked in France kSDR . 2×5 kHz wide
7543 c 1919 Kontayner 15 kHz wide a -92dbm maxx
7055  some operator still in the band  2013. ver UKR but too bassy but wild voice-95dbm . SLAVA URAINE operator at 1919 on 28/5 with  reel (?) and signal -85/-120dbm
8939 Rostov M in russain with meteo codes 2027 in Russian ID at 202912 ,ax -73dbm  2030 off
8957 meteo 2031
9095AM  EoHope with Korean pops  or raps at 1957 Better reception at LSB as there is a carrier of -75 dbm nearly similar level as the  VoP . talks at 195820 in Koran.1910 on 28/5 there are two stanag signals on 9092 and 9101 plus carriers on 9098 and 9093 QRMing reception Best is using USB not more han 3kHZ wide! 
918U1 Razde Ukraine someone transmitting Russian kind of operas on 1942 with 3.19 kHz wide audio with -90dbm signal  . Also on BLR with -80dbm They ousted me at jut 2 minutes Continued to listen to Pskov Listen to the audio feed at the end of the music
Occe again 28/5 at 1904 with talks or QSOs
9260 Chinese female talks 2000, overloaded . IN Pskov  and Turku rechecked
9370  no signal from R Svoboda at 1932 on 9360  there is Firedrake with a hum like signal
9410 R Clario in German 1938 heard well under the hum and hraches with good audio (yoohoo!) erven if it is relatively garbled > There is also another mixed audio that seems as swahili  or another afro language  -49dbm
9730  VoVietnam 2037 in French Signal to -60 but qiute  low audio comparing to the carrier level !
Audio via kiwi SDR

1548  TWR with religious program seem as Nagyar refrences to Jesus -83dbm at 1924
1278Ukraine ?  program in Russian with many mentions in UKraine string local nose  kicking the signal off -81.8dbm


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