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26/5 logs

Via Novosibirsk
4765  1555 Tajik radiosu with S9+10 dbm signal . Man with talks then immediately nto a turkick song  YL with ID and slowly talking Possibly religious?  
3985 CNr2 in //9820  CBRadio (CNR2 ) with nice pop song 1557 S9 off 1600
4010.02 Kirgiz radio 1604 with news in English! [spelling reminds BBC ]!! best reception is only in SSB 1606 back to Kirgiz language at 1613 the volume is better 1613 ID in Russian (eve informatione)
4712  Roskov calling?  Novosibirsk radio   , YL talking from the radio center at -80dbm for two minutes till 1607
4930 VoA via BOT with news in English 1610  with signal S9  !!
4965 V o Hope Africa (!!) received 1615 with S7 signal and just music
6015 Xinjinag PBS in Kazakh  1621 at S20 signal with talks by woman
6120 Xinjiang PBS in Uigur  1624 with s20 signal . tihsis the ‘lightest’ in hearing language
6190 Xinjiang PBs in Mongolian  1622 man with talks and S20 signal !thius sonds the most Turkish amongst all
10460   a russian ham pirate , thaks to others checked in the band that time ! 1628
9515  KBS in English 1632   , talking on elections on the next year S20


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