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23/5 receptions

QTH in THS with 10/15m parV antenna +  RSP1a & balun

9420 VoG with Spiral from Vangelis 1405 with testimonial on him and short information then starting a discussion with  YL related to national heritage organization -65dbm at 1409  little QRM from CNR13 Same time CNR13 on 9890 is -70dbm Recheck 1655 on PL550 with only CNR13  in the frequency. Same again on 25/5

7055  someone repeating a short sermon of 15 secs at 1510
9410 Cairo 1515 in Albanian lang and heard in both AM and FM mode !
9540 VoT language IS reel at 1430 -65dbm
96000 R Rom Intl 1416 program in German referring to an achilees Adrianople and Greece and Turkey then on Donau -55dbm max with 4.7kHZ wide audio
10871.7 D marker  1434
11735 BBC in Dari (Afghanistan ). Tanzania not anymore in the freq . Checked now 1853 23/5 the language in real time with the same female voice IDing as BBC.Someone in a FCB group thought  it was  Zanzibar
11790 there is a shifting signal making spectral semi curves ! 1445 ,1451 Enclosed picture Also on 11838 I can assume that is a new form of router noise (?)  though curves are random
12692 Kontayner 1459  jst 12 kHz wide with -96dbm
13264 ?? 1500 with meteo -100dbm
16331.8 marker P 1510 -95dbm


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