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Lovely kSDR journey 19.5 /RIP Vangelis

R I P Vangelis (passed away yesterday )

Vangelis one of the most known e-composers of 80s died yesterday. He was Greek  self taught music and charity persona , well UNpaid in Greece for his work , the reason why left our country. NASA on 2001-21 selected him to compose music for space named Mythodea.  He also knew electronics He tinkered his synths for making newer waveforms!. Chariots of Fire , Blade runner, Alexander  ,El Greco,  1492 or ‘conquest of paradise’ ie Christopher  Columbus annals and many others are his most known soundtracks for movies
In more obscure news I read that he composed a 8hour reel for a friend of him with a total length of 8 hours aimed  to assist the teaching of neurosurgery
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Other Very important Greek e-pop composers are Spanoudakis and Yani

A lovely journey with kSDRs  part1

QTH: Ireland NW #2
9330 BIG signal (in headphones )from QBCQ with someone talking for the end of world and blasphemy , revelation 13  and Yawha S level  is S9 with fading of 25db on 1034
17490 CGTN 1031 audio is herd in double  OD recording , Ergodan’s tricks  
QΤΗ:ΒΚΚ w 4 m coax loop
6055  VoV ? talks n Viet by yL with rare from a younger YL at 1432 as jam /jan >>CRIn in Khmer /eibi
7360 CRI in Lao 1437 which is very close to Thai with ID as “KLoikan khun kon ,,,,”
7410 CRI in Chinese 1444 political talks by OM about Taiwan and USA  rig suddenly got under run…
5985 Myanmar radio tested in both Vietnam and GRMS /HI where signal is great(S40) discussion between YL and OM with laughs and possibly mentioning Yesus . Back 1501 with a rock ballad , short talks by OM then with indigenous sog by female played by traditional instruments incl something as the Indonesian anklung . Very exotic!  1509 with semitraditional 50s song
6200 ZhongHua JinFu poss ID for the Jinling  station . 1455 with children singing then with wl singing S9 At 1457 carrier of S20 which on 1459 got off  Sudden s/off
5990 PBC Chinghai? 1520 wo-man singing acapella but is quite long . Buzzying sound poss due to another carrier underneath The lullaby still continued after 1530!
4750 Bangladesh Betar  in Bangla heard  in Dimanpur  on 1540 with nearly local signal  at S20 mixing with English words , karegram a nice Hindi pop  song with woman Cghar kadam /Shaon  Quite overloaded and a bit garbled.  IA at 1544 then with a 1 kHz tone

Dx walking in the piscine (easy logs ) 19/5
Rig: pl330 with mid deployed  antenna
9670 at 1711 with TOM monk talking
9255 CNR at 1711-12 with good signal in//4800 43/17 in PL330 display
9380 in a African language poss Swahili on 1745 wth 36/10 signal  >>eibi shows TWR Swahili !
10000 Italcable (?)time clicks with 44/xx signal (as like local ) on 1747
9970 Firedrake hammer at 1749 blanketing RFA Good signal Interesting festivity music
9890 CNR13 Uighur , my bacon , 1751 with near local signal at 55/25  ad nice songs
9840 TRT in German and news , mixed with a wandering carrier
4930 VOA STP n Swahili Signal 25/05 on 1755
4885 Echo of People 1757 with a hip hop song , ID by man with lower audio mixed with the local noise


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