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Reply To WOR Message On 6150’s Return
Yes i just listened  (0920)  via Twente -75/-95dbm or 20-30db only SNR They (at twente ) need to do something with the antenna to lower the noise
1008  Imagine AM with oldies ID at 0945 Local signal from nearby Twente

From QTH in Thessaloniki :
Re :9420  The frequency is vacant   9490 R Rom Intl is the ONLY station on the band … ERA crash started at around 1254 with -55dbm signal News at 1300 At 1454 is clear with CNR-UI  while in Fenu SWI ERA is heard in the clear ! 
13190  IRIB in Arabic 1238  and still at 1323 with-75dbm
9580 RRI tiganesti  in DRM mode 1515 with -80dbm   perfectly copied in the Swi kiwi Less success in THS with good the 1/3  bytes and 17 dbm SNR . Audio is very bad too in both cases . Russian  program
17870 Dmtse Woyane 1526 mixed with  jammer QRM as also heard in 17800 for very short time before 1730 with carrier on around 1 minute of content then s off  BTW on 15830 Farda signed off 1530
17485 0648 12/5 ΨΡΙ in Arabic with long talks 0652 with a HOT Arabic dance song -62dbm an easy to listen frequency
15380.06 Kuwait 0654 with payer chanting  -72dbm , 45 db SNR with lots of  QRN but low mod making the reception seem very poor
11620  KBS? 0701 in korean with news -80dbm
9670 0703 with  song . -77dbm

Via S Brazil
15476U  not any trace in the 3 SDRss tried at 1544 pardinho is very heavy with many kiwi recorders /WSPR making the SDR site slow
9550 Boa Vontade with talk in Brazuguese motioning pedru . Width 14+kHz -75dbm signal
9667 VOz missionaria , 1551  religious song  with halleluyah  -57 dbm signal
9818.89  radio 9 July with happy religious song .1655 with ID r9/6 with news program . fist mentioning F Francisco -70dbm
9289.93 Rádio Araucária  1558 with funny songs or anthems  of old time signal at -90 dbm   Web site

Today there is some traffic in the 43-45mb with Serdolik also format.the 10+ routers in the building are killing much of reception. just look at the photos in the extreme SW Facebook group for more  Few of the frequencies noticed  are  6687.3  /6777  /  666x / 6853 in LSB or even USB There were a few more unnoticed the times before the ‘screen was shot ‘

My time was too short for that day and the whole band was full from more then 1o routers in the building at the give time 0714z .


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