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odd monitoring 10.5.22

10.5.22 using own SDR in the centre of city
9650  Arabia and ?? at 1657. Signal is -55dbm nut modulation is -92 dbm
9410  CRI Croatian 1720 with only music Just to jam the band even if the music is good !  -55dbm with  …20 kHZ bandwidth !
9255  CNR at 1724 with talks then adverts High Signal at -65dbm jamming one except a ….Stanag signal !
9105 E o Hope 1727 seems having some QRN from a poor STANAG4625  type signal . Signal -67dbm max At 9102 there is another Stanag signal at -85dbm
8992 AFN 1730 with encoded text and good signal at -85dbm  stand by message at 1730 DBXIKA2CI3EL  etc
4010.22  1st prg KGZ is only a carrier at -75 , mo modulation at this time
6675 6665 and a french on 6650 al lin LSB with discussion at 18z All are also heard via the Albertirsa kSDR with nearly same signals!
6692  there is a on/off carrier of -75dbm occurring every 24 seconds for just 3 seconds duration …
6693CU Russian Volmet at 1808 at they removed the carrier at 181505  Signal level -95dbm
9440 Cairo 2135 in English with garbled modulation and hum but audio is quite understandable – only using headfones ! -62dbm a bit better in music
9730VoVIetnam 2147 Eng program 2147 accommodations in VV  -70dbm
11610 interesting catch with Arabic song at 2201 Eibi shows MWV Radio Feda -65dbm Is it a new program?  


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