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kSDR Logs for 2/5

RX thionville FR
6005  RSlovakia Intl 1259  with traditional songs 1300 with program in German S5
6085 R Mi amigo now with no CW QRM at 1558 S7
5220 V Andes in German at 1303 talks by YL and a child , noisy at S5
648 with R caroline

Huntervally AU
5020 Solomon Isl  1402 with nice old timed pop songs signal up to S10 or -65 still in the freq on 1610 !!!
5045 Islandradio 88  1415 dance songs S7 IM FM ID on 1444 and rocks at 1445 Great station Nice stereo effects in binaural or QAM mode Long ID on 1400
5050 The other Bay with talks in CC Just a4
3325 Vo Ins at the T2FDantena SDR at 1440 with songs and program in Spanish S7 max

9835[non] 11665 are off at my tune in 1403 Too bad that in hari raya day they stopped as usual


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