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Logs 30/4

17490 CGTN is today quite poor . tested in twente at -80 IN Thesasloniki it was at -80 till 0947 then the signal started fading higher  to fade out 0955 the bans was also  vacant this time

Via Bandung kSDR
9840VoVietnam 1013 with song  English program with various stories of the country  , S9
9410 BBC  in English 1015 with S10 -65dbm signal ID at 1017 with intertnatioal news headlines and Jupiter Venus
9580 KNLS 1020 music , 1122 religious program in English difference of people behaving  Jesus and blasphemy -75dbm
11735 VoK 1030 with program in English featuring Korean operas *62dbm or S9
11965 TWR in Java language – nearly similar to Indo- 1036 with religious program .intereting to see the difference in pronunciation Just listen in binaural
12020 Vo with audio problems , heard a short timed voce in IN 1044 off  – again on 1045 70dbm Overloaded
15580  FEBC in Sasak (per eibi )1056 traditional play then a nice and fast guitar play abrupt s/off -65dbm

IN Fukushima
4450 VoPeople jammed with different kind of jam at 1110 :
`4230 slot machine  strong at -55 Nice shot in my groups
IN Thessaloniki kSDSR
13800 V Andes in Russian with ID good 1530
13600 Pravda Russai with talks in Russian continuous mentions of Ukraine ID at 1531 then refers to Warszawa and Pravoslava signal max -50dbm


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