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I m back to the village again with no good local  reception thus continuing reception mostly in kSDRs than using radio even my SDR

Skanderborg DK kiwi
15190 R Pilippinas in Pilipino at 1739  on pilipinas new York , , Rodrigo duterrere, fake news problems Covid den salvinia omicron etc more Signal -62dbm and is nearly steady Soi long time to listen to this interesting station
12120 also there talking to eco authority ICBPOS kala calamity (program in Pilipino) with a huge signal at -40dbm Such signals cannot be heard in THS or the mountain  at this signal level

15770 WRMI program Supreme master  in English 1750  with their program schedule , relatively  poor S5 to max S8
11530 Welat mixed again with Erdogan or TRT at1855  audio range of  2x5kHz with  continuous mentions of  singala/singale mahaven . with some flute mixing Pff 1859 leaving the other with Turkish song Signal seen then on 9525 after 10 secs
9440 R cairo 1813 with string signal but only noise heard S10
9430 a 12 set near Stanag carrier with on 2.15 kHZ wide signal…UK
6945 pirate for sire with old pop songs  of 80s incl Englishman in the UK on 1825
9155 S10 and 9255  S8 two Cri hammers against SoHope
8957   Shannon Volmet  1822 meteo santa maria -65dbm
6750 Greek pirat es   in LSB with QSO 1826
6660 Fetch pilates in LSB mixed signals pn 1831   (error just telsl me what I mean )

‘skov Russia
810 Iran , Muslim chants 1833 -71dbm
657 seems still alive man with continuous mentions Ukranie
873 RRAct pop music at 1838  strong signal at S10 . the posble Ukrainian is nt heard
1278 Russian? Talks abt Macron and elections  Orban Ukraine – sevl mentions-  1840
1458 interesting , the only signal comes from Iran  with talks in Farsi -82dbm at 1843
1685 very funny to hear  Yugoslavian music  Signal fades btw -65 to -90 min 1845
1735 station with audio feed from poss UKR1 1849 Ther is also sopme sound from Church
1700 Greek pirate !! 1851
1645 a pirate from NL 1852 goo signal

The priest in 6300u contynues his sermons … 0818 z today 11/4


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