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1/4/22 logs and NFs

6030 Amharic 1916 with nice HoA music Signal -97  at 37db SNR but sounded quite poo
9255 at 1756 American type song but is Chinese   -68dbm fast fading 2 cycles just ToH pip then signing off CNR?
9600 CRI in English . though I think  that it WAS in this frequency on the B21 it was not referred in eibi nor in the swscheds  Business program  with a quite bassy underground sound Signal at -51dbm
9620 AIR 1659 old Hindi music , Overloaded -46 dbm
9655 CRI with carrier 3 minutes starts on 1900 with program in Turkish  -53 dbm much fading
9670CRI in Farsi with interleaving news between man and woman and closing with Zai zien!  1849 the typical music then the very nice song 流光飞舞 by 陈淑桦. -55dbm Underneath a religious talks from surely R292 brokered program On 1900 with Offshore Radio by R292 at -70 dbm  
Changed to 6070 tumbril with quite grater music  by my friend Brian Avery. Very calming classical music 35db SNR at max
9675 R Saudi Intl at 1854 , Arabic song علمني by عمار صرصر then with Quran talks 87db with some QRM form 9670 CRI  at 1922 the signal is -45!! (S10-20 )
9835 ??IRIB VIRI in English 1936 35 dbSNR very low modulation ID at 1936 very good English pronunciation 
9890 and 9420 with signals of -45!!dbm at 1802 and 7,5 kHZ wide ,near HiFi reception  !At 1805 signed off
NF CRI 9450  1806 with  hilife song talks in pres Hausa many mention  of Nigeria Mustafa  and s song with music style that reminds Yeke Yeke  YL talking then a sogn with telephone calling  Also with great semis HiFI audio at 7.7 kHz Once herd the word CRI with English pronounce more ID at 1821 with Beijing and CRI . then a tribal song very similar to the Japanese soran


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