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Hints for 28/3

9420 1023 this is just another Chinese outlet but different from the Uighur that is received well on Europe this Chinese service is received at S9 in Hawaii and marginally S4 in Eire!supposedly towards Taiwan?
9410 BBC 1024 with talks , news about Cuba and signal S9 in Hawaii
12095 FEBA Philippines with IS music till 1030 when a program started in a Thai type language S9 and also audible in Eire Eibi shows ThaiLui
12084.87 with fine tune , Mongolia in Japanese There is a 100 Hz hum in both sidebands A bit poor audio quality.>>Also S20 in Novosibirsk
9835 RTM Sarawak still off while 11665 is instead lively and lovely with S7 via a Thai kSDR with in Indonesian song of 80s . For unknown reasons the SDR in Bandung didn’t allow me to listen in smartphone and Philippines SDSR is off
9840 VoVietnam at S9 with program in Indonesian ref to Ukraine
12020 VoVietnam? Talks in viet with continuous reference on Vietnam

Logs from my SDR in Thessaloniki
5785U ατ 1512 man with talk in Ukraine 26/1 tested locally with -91dbm adn in Hungary at-87dbm
kSDR reception
mine reception
Second canal on 1532 under the OM hat seems as QSO between two

5555.5U !!! good signal between two operators in Turkish max of -77dbm

7050L and on 7055L another hiatus at 1545+ with more than 3 in the frequency

6880 another operator with LSB mode and Russian talks
6954.879 Zeppelin at 1629 with classical music and signal -78dbm around 30dbm SNR S9 in Albertirsa HU Continuous starts and stops as like experimenting
6980L discussions in Italian! 1641
6714U Turkish ops on 1644
7110 R Ethiopia 1649 is live with -75dbm but very low modulation Best reception in LSb than USB around 40 db SNR and 10 db fades Drum sounds on 1652 7140 is with only carrier


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