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Logs for 27/3

the hitof today:
9670 R 292 Echo Sthlm a program in Russian -75dbm possibly program for Ukrainian? the time i was listening to VoZ Missionaria on 9666.78
I seen the info on the R292 page 2143 mentioning John Bidet 2200 againwith ths program but neae the 2230 with religious
Program is again on 2200 on 6070 there is a religious program . R22 pprog list shows own proram

13264U Shannon Volmet 1957 with ID then weather reports -105dbm
13270 Gander Volmet same time at -110 dbm
6625.5 -6643 two Kontayner signal of -85 an -65dbm 2009 Off at2010
6617U not Murmansk Ru with meteo , fast talks ! 2010
6660L 2011 someone airing song songs
6676U visibility info at 2012
6693U + carrier , Russian meteo 2013 -100dbm
6558 Kontayner at -73dbm at 2016 with 15kHZ wide Also on 6400 middle
12095 BBC news 2032 with news -68dbm
9585 CRI in french -49db – new jammed by Kontainer of -80dbm 2105
9585 CRI?? Arabic 2116 singing nasyid songs , phone in -57dbm
9600 GCTN English -55dbm with changes on buildings in a city
9610 -77dbm only Arabic
9640 CRI in Spanish , 2116 naturalism program -45dbm
9655 CRUI music ? 2120 nice Chinese pop song -55dbm
9666.78 VOz Misionaria 2124 with a religious song Compared with kSDR Vilhenia BR 2131 YL with IS 2135 with sermons talking by OM -79dbm max
9685 at 2233 CRI with traditional string instrument -51dbm There is a carrier on 9683.9 with -73dbm


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