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Some tests 26/3

Testing now with a handmade balun 3/1  before the SDR  with better and cleaner reception than before Used also a “toy radio” that I don’t regard as serious Just for easy listening. The exact frequency was made with the PL330 as usual !

7215 CRI in Nepali  sounded as Tagalog to me and lullaby the time I was in the bed and using a toy radio that was with some hi QSB 15+
11510 /11550 RFA in Korean also herd with this toy radio with also good signal at1520
9405 R Taiwan in with English program “Taiwan exclusive’ fair signal  in this toy radio . I now used the mix antenna nearby the radio and checked freq with PL330
9525 Welat was in mix with Erdogan on 1534
11610  VoA in Oromo on the time I was making the balun with good signal . Also nice horn of Africa music

Back Into the SDR testing the efficiency using the wired toroid :

7055  Russian Ukrainian war 1820 with some song someone repeating a few times a verse then again with a Russian March by Bichevskaya Zana followed by Ne boyute Cav Russikimi by Andrey Kuryaev   -85dbm but noise is now much less than before dn easier copied by shazam . Also some Rusian talk popaganda
7210  CRI? Propogram  in English on 1934 about the Ukraine war. -50dbm max
5166U two operators talking in supposedly Magyar language  More than 15 minute of talking ! Video:
5135  Charleston with -74dbm and with 50s songs signal at -81dbm  
4750 Bangla  Radio1932 in English with great  signal at -65dbm
5450 Shannon Radio with visibilities ect max signal -85dbm
5780 Harmony radio 1942  with nice oldies songs CIS type signal in the USB part -76dbm
3940  KBS? in Russian 2328  Eibi shows R.Bukhta Svobodnyh Voln with signal of -87dbm i i 43db higher than the QRN level
4980 very long ago to listen to this station in quite clear… -60dbm  at 2333  with talks
5995  MaIi easy catch with -60dbm signal , hilife song , talks by OM at 2352 the music style seems as gyms teaching ! two signals on 5990 and 6000 with equal signals don’t help for better audio Just listen !
9590 CRI in Spanish 0019 with very clear audio 2×7.5 kHz at -45dbm !!!
Also on9800 with -43
In the band there is also 9710 CRI with music at -45dbm  This eefects the SDR with some overloads
9870  Hindi music at 0026 New no ID at 0027 then with a song that and soff  0029 -65dbm THs is  something new possibly of A22 Listen:
9420  VoG is on but at 0029 at -76dbm
9430 a SAtanag  4529  signal 0029 at -80dbm


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