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various kSDR logs

via Philipines
11665  Wai 1205 I  operating well with talks by OM Splatter  -52/-95dbm signal QRM from 11660 CRI /CNR at -53dbm Meanwhile 9835 is off

via Dorohoi :
1278  Ukraine at 1041 with echoed sound at 1042 , retune 1045 the sound is OK -with continuous mentions between Ukraine  and Byelorussia 68dbm
657 is in // to 1278 with very strong signal S9+30 /-47 dbm
1404  R rom Actulatitati 1052+ nice pop songs Short talks art 1056 proved the language
1413 Vesti FM from Moldova 1053 with S20+  -55dvm
1458 is still off .
1474 R Moldova 1059 with Romanian program ID then traditoinal songs
1494 R Voce Sperançe AWR 1059, ID then the typical AWR IS . News S10

via Albertirsa
10460U QSO in Russian S3 only at 1106
15350 TRT S40 (-21dbm ) in // to 15480 S30 (-45dbm)  with phone ins between two women 1010   15350 is a bit overloaded with some hum  
15920 CNR 1 hammer against SOHope at 1115 signal S9  Als o 16160 S10
21470 BBC Somali news info
11490 (-78)-  clear spurious of 11540 (-53dbm )  denge welat The main freq is mixed with the Turkish Erdogan signal
7365 HCKB Germany is  back ! 1133 with S7 signal

11510 //11530 RFA in Korean both at -55dbm mentioning KBS at 1615
11610 VoA 1631 with talk in Ukraine with sort addresses on Putin and Biden Venezuela Blinken Washinton post Somali language S20 , -51dbm

5060Xinjiang PBS 1636 Chinese service with talks . Signal -70dbm
4827U seems as radio station in USB talking mostly for Ukraine and steady signal at S7 1642 Audio»
I can suppose this is pro UK but not related to the stream below and passing the 1700 time with no ID
Not?ing on 5015 or 5010 this time
4800 CNR 1654 with S9+10 signal , someone seems to tead himself
5835 R Europe UK back today 1702 with pop songs S9
4680 USB in 1707 in Turkish language !
4625 buzzer mixed with pink noise 1709
4500 PBS Xinjiang with Chinese song and Mong service

Via Skopanie POland 5 minutes max !!
5820 Furusato kaze 1800 with talk in Japanese S9 herd also the ID


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