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Very few hastening logs with router off 9.3

In order to do better SW reception Router adds 30 db above the local noise on the 7 9 11 MHZ  bands.

Poor room lighting / BY time order
9440 Egypt 1522 with good signal and high buzzer The splatter range goes to 9480
6140 pirate relaying TV UKR : NO signal but strong signal from 6145 CR
5060 Xinjiang PBS in Chinese 1524 with talk . Over the local noise
9275FEBC in Chinese 1526 at 40/10
11815 TRT in Turkish 1528 mentioning Ukraine  60/25
11725 Al Azam Saudi Arabia 1530 with talks
11540 V Erdogan  mixed with Denge Welat  with nearly same signal


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