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SDR receptions on 8/2

Some MW Dxing morning via Tambov  8/2
The bans if vacant from radios stations that time
954 TRT trabzon discussion between two men at 0835 Signal is poor but reached zeroon 0848
733  beacon “…- …-“  VV with signal S10 at 850
693 beacon “.- .-..” A(?)  with signal S9 at 0854
1695 a pirate? 0855 S4 only talks between the operator and another under neath with rissina music
1413  Vesti FM , Russian also marginal at S3 at 09z

PL330 and via local SdR :
15770  at 1305 and then checked with my PL330 bto be marginal over the high local noise . Immediately I changed reception to the local SDR with  slightly better SDR with max signal at S7 using my smartphone, as it was a bit late lunch time  i used web SDR in twente fore better reception. In both SDRs the signal was suffered by QRM from a TTY signal of 50bd on 3=3 kH lower . in Twente QRM was even higher

At 1458v via  Kuwait SDr :
7110 Ethiopia 1458 with Horn of Africa /HoA songs S9 with QSB and good modulation
7140 VoBM2 Eritrea 1457 with funny acapella songs with men really shouting   instead of singing .  bit poor modulation , lower than the Ethiopian  S10 more stable signal
7205 XJPBS – Xinjiang 1552   talks in UI mentioning continuously Kazakhs and kazakhstan ,
7600  Afghanistan Intl TV 1517 and 5830 Iran Intl at S20 and S30 respectively , 5830 has stronger QSB
MW : via Kuwait kSDr
540 Kuwait Main at 1511  with many mentions of the city S9 Also on 549
630 Kuwait Quran 1514  imam praying  S10
There are more local stations but prefer to continue to the SW band  )

Via Kenya
6090 Amhara Radio at 1532 with talks in Amharic  .S7
6110 R Fana 1535 with talks by man and woman in Amharic
Checked these signals bai the Cypriot and the Kuwat Sdr but signals were too poor, 6095 CRI English was QRMing both signals in the M East

Via hunter valley Australia
2368.4 Symban was this day transmitting hits of the 70s on 16
540 ABC with news ID at 1836  S10 Also on 549 with short audio delay Also on 593
The band seems to be full of ABC stations
585 3WVA BC  with oldies on 1852 Nice songs Speaker on 1855 then with more ‘modern’ songs S20 ID at 190 


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