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Logs (kSDR and non) for 1+2/2/22

Radio Absua today on 9535 with good signal at 0700 via Tambov kSDR Russia . No signal in the local kSDR in Thessaloniki
Checked again 0923 in Tambov , no signal

Radio Cairo
I already posted a new thorough analysis of their transmissions in this page with pictures and audios in a rather log article that will be updates dependent as I can test Please follow and boomark this link

9915 BBC 1858 about malaria in Africa  “Afica cent” pr0gram BBC ID atr 1859
9675  Saudi Arabia ?  in Indonesian  with the style of youth discussion and  dance Arabic song at 1918 then Arabic rap  , eibi shows Turkish …  Noisy S5 in Salonica  , S10  -65 in Albertirsa Hunga  ID at 1926 during OM/YL discussion mentioning Maroco   Instagram , facebook pages also available ! nearly nil  (S5) in Bandung  head the name Zakaria a l Hazani Once again IDed s R Saudi intl Siaran  Bahasa indonesia  on 1949 Next song is Indo
Islamic program on 20z  (
Emailed s separately to my list)
9420 ERA again on  at 1952 with -55 dbm in Albertirsa  HU kSDR with a song of  Alkistis Protopsalti , song of a today dead lyrics man Nick Antypas Special program for him .

9400 Dardarsha  1956  arabic   with religious style program ID a 1959  then  with  emaik wen address etv Signal S9

9610  TRT with the Turkish IS music  2226 with ID in Italian poor in THS good in Landesdorf  and program in Italian , eibi shows English IN Hungary mixed with another station many other kSDRs were to noisy but in Carlow Eire signal is clear with S9 Emailed separately

9870 TRT in Turkish 1729 as checked via the Cyprus  kSdR with -32 dbm and ‘deaf’ at -60dbm on Albertirsa Ther is not record in that frequency in eibi
9425 VoKorea , 1730 with opera music with main piano S9+20 in Hungary
9900 Cairo at 1832  with clear carrier no modulation at -82 dbm better in Hungary.  Stil in the freq after 1900. Music is heard at 1904  
9885 KNLS in Russian at 1835 , program Impuls with religious talks addresses and more station info on 1845 English window at 1841 for half minute then sermons then gospel song after 1845  Signal -65dbm
9650 R Saudi 1855+ with Arabic program . Very undermodulated
9420  VOG no signal this day at 19z
9675  R Saudi in indo instead of published Turkish for that day their signal is for armchair usage . I connected my radio to the external stereo speakers and listened for roughly two hours till 2100  while doing other house tasks


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