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More logs for Jan 26th

Via Karelia SDR
1628 at 2004 /26/1 pirate rom Salonica
1684 a pirate from Skopje , tyical NM  music S7
810  BBC Scotland 2008 too Germanic pronunciation S20  , football , ID in the talks
855  RROMo Actualitata , 2011 mentioning the Greek  tennis player Cicipas S20
9410 & 9440 two Firedrake jammers with S20 signal overloaded with strong inner buzz

Via Eire Jan 26th
153 rr Actualitaata  AT 2116 with orthodox church liturgy S3  also via better (S20 ) in Bucharest –no // form MW based in the mwlist
162 LW A good level carrier carryinh a very poor audio from Talksport  tested in NW Ire and emeraldsdr  (string signal )
1628  A QSO from Greece 2011 26/1  better ib NWI then emerald SDR
819  Regio  from NL mixed with ERTU regio is better in signal t most times S10
9420 ERA I now back
6230U  Wiluna meteo  AU 2046 -100 heard well
5780 oldies station at S3 2048
7780  WRMI at S7/3 at 2050 with religious program in English


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