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A few more 24/1

using the Irish  SDR above
9420 ERT  not today …
9675 Saudi radio 2050 in Indonesian with sermons -85dbm
9620 AIR in DRMmode  with signal at S10 ay 2010 with two audio channels French and Raagam  , SNR24 DRM B , 16QAM mode
9955  and 9980 WRMI both in exact parallel transmission at -85dbm 
9835 NHK  2030 wit talks  in Japanese at -83dbm . In my shack with 38/15 PL330 with 10+3 m
9984.6 Cairo with overloaded audio but clear o understand the prayer (not what he spells) At 2030 clock sound in clear m hymn then news . only language  cold be indefitified : French

Amd a few logs via Karelia S. Finland after 2100
Using very log wires 300+ m
1413 Vesti FM 21xx hymn then talks in Russian about Olympics . Strong
1566 Greek pirate 2105 seems IDed and with sons of 80s  Good  Ay 26/1 HLAZ is poor at S9
1611 another Grek pirate at 2105 with S8
1650 also Greek pirate  2106
1690 another Greek pirate 2012 with S8 signal
A few from the above also locally heard !
– – –
1628 at 2004 /26/1 pirate from Salonica
1684 a pirate from Skopje , typical NM  music S7
810  BBC Scotland 2008 too Germanic pronunciation S20  , football , ID in the talks
855  RROMo Actualitata , 2011 mentioning the Greek  CICipas tennis player S20

9410 & 9440 two Firedrake jammers with S20 signal overloaded with strong inner buzz


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