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Hindi kSDr logs 21/12/21

Wishing you the best for this season !

Vi New Delhi in GRMS  with W6LP antenna
9 MHZ band S7/S5  noise sometimes quite harsh
9480 CNR 11 Tibetan 1011 with talks by man and woman WITH S9 signal Als on 9530
9580 CRI in English 1012 women talking S9
9900 Farda 1014 pop song S9+10
9705 PBS Xinjiang Talks in Kazakh 1017 . noise disturbs the voice

Via Siliguri IN with better response
6050 Xizang PBS Lhasa , relying CNR with ID a1100
6115 cant receive RF Chosun in this SDR at 1103
6205 Xizang PBS with news 1104 S9+25 dbm signal
6865 CNR jammer 1107 at S0+10 against SoH with S20 level
15500 AWR in Indonesian religious discussions between man woman mostly referring God S8 max
17490 echoed sound , CRI in English phone ins  on reunification on Taiwan S9
17830 signal of BBC with guitar play intro ,but with mentioning R Japan 21670 Saudia Arabia Intl in Indo at S7 max religious – muslim – talks

AM noise floor S5-7
810 S9+30 in DRM with channel 1 Air news and channel 2 rainbow FM Both channels ar with 8 kbps bitrate but audio  quality is totally terrible les than telephonic!!
666 brrrr!R Rainbow  with S+30 with radio doctor program ,interviewer and interviewee women . //810 second channel with much! better audio then the DRM part ID at 1030
872 AIR North  woman talking Akshvani  kar 1037 and news on c19vid and Malaysia and about languages (karegram )Steady S9
1260 AIR West? , a songs of 80s at 1040 . Signal is S7 and is nearly totally flooded by the local noise
1372 DRM 15 kHZ 1046 wide quite difficult to be decoded at SNR10 db only wth news/RAGAM and Vividh Bharati S8 signal level
And on the other sever in N Delhi
1421 poor connection and server shut down very fast with audio underruns and need two refreshes to get again connected , Hindi pop song

Siliguri  with very annoying noise in the ME band plus many buzzing carriers
693 ??? 1119  mam talking on full stops  als on Christ and then on comma as used in modern English S9+20 No mwlist entry unless it is Bangladesh  Betar
594 AIR 1122 with nice music with lead sitar. Thre is an entry on AIR as OS showed in this time


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