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Afro Logs made with remote kiwis 16/12

Via TWR Kenya
with very noisy system in most bands using a V6LVP antenna and many timeouts

11890 KTWR 1436 with S9 signal and max SNR 10db with full errors sounding as a CD was stuck . AAC transmission . cannot listen to  it for more than 3 minutes
11560 AIR in 1428 with traditional Hindu song (?) then talks in Tajik
11620 AWR in Burmese as IDed , program starts with a very sexy female voice with S8 max signal
11745 S Arabia al Alam 1433 man talking in Arabic and underground music S15  (ie S9+15)
15420 BBC Somali 1436 as per eibi at S9 , with horn of Africa songs and talks by woman mentioning Ahmed
15580 VoA Now !! 1439 wit the strongest signal in the band at S20 wit hot disco song (Lipstick? )
15720  Radio Japan 1441 in Hindi mentioning Iran S8 via Malagasy

Very sad that the MW bans is full of nose at -80 dbm level

Via Namibia in Oranjenmud
729 poss Kapse Kanal in Dutch 1448  phone ins between two males ,Hard mentioning Krist . and Facebook , …you to trust God . their web page verifies that the station is Christian! S20
828Magic 828 with pop song of 70s .ID at 1453 in English , mentioning the upcoming program and that we are coming to Christmas (surely ) 1455 many commercials S10
567  Cape Talk 1457 talks in English mentioning  CBD  ID at 1500 this is eye witnessing news. News by Miaspiss  first on covid -58 dbm S20
The only AM signals in the band

Via Cyprus
No 7110 this time !
7140 VoBM at 1500 poor carrier at S7-9 with poor audio , MOSTLY TALKS
7205 exact R Omdurman Sudan , 1516 man with news in Arabic 1517 with song ,Mix with Xinjiang  S9+10
7215  CRI  Nepali 1519 hindi song of 80s S20
7665 CNR in double against RFA 1525-28 S9+15
1278 Radio Kermanshah 1529 ID program in Farsi  S9


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