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Reception in Thai KiwiSDR local morning of 9/12/21

This log has been also printed with layouts and screenshots here

5050 CRI in Vietnamese ,. This is the best signal in te band with S20+
Other stations on the band
4800 CNR1 / 4820 XizangPBS Chinese /4900 V strait /4905 & 4920  Xizang PBS Tibetan /4940 V Strait /4950 ?? /5000 BPM time signal 

9840 V of Vietnam with program  in Indonesian S10+5 , “INS now”  with program supporting the mother language .Japanese on 1100+ with lower signal to S9 max
9795 FEBC “this is FEBC radio broadcasting  form Manila Philipines at 1056+ -56dbm , mixed with CNR  Waiting for the ID . language is Vietnamese on 1107 there is a digital signal similar to Alarm but faster
9820 CRI in Vietnamese 1110 news on Covid 19 (nineteen as noticed!)
9835  Sarawak 1053 with malay song again on 1100 with news and signal -77/S9

11665 Wai 1102 with local ‘deli’ music style and S9 max signal only
11660 CNR jammer 1117 discussions S9
11700 CRI in  Indonesian 1116 with discussions S20 signal max (-65 dbm mean )
11865 station starting in a sudden 1120 as per the waterfall (not  shown here ) with S9+15 max  . ID as “This is reach beyond Australia. Our programs in this frequency recommence shortly ” Program in Rohingya as per the list
11875 Cri in listed music program in eibi with Amoy as main language with signal S9+20 . There I also talks – possibly song description –
21670 SABC 1051 in Indonesian with religious  talks *-60dbm or S10


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