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SDR logs 5/12 with mostly pirates

All via Asendorf GE

7330 Joystick 1110 as always with good signal S9+40 via Asendorf GE and pop songs
5955 Sunlite with old pop songs -80dbm medium signal at 1030
5995 radio blackstone (?) at 1051 with a son for Radio Luxemburg then ID and continueswith a germansong
7220 Rockpower noticed in Eibi 1122 with a rock song of 70s and ID verifyng that then song of Knack or sex pistols
6020 Delta radio with very good modulation adnd very interesting fading curve S9+10 sendt them report
6085 MI amigo (per label) with soul rock song 1126 then ID S9+
5990 Denakker per eibi 118 song I will survive
6055 carrier since 1129 at 1130 TWR or AWR type  IS then with ID of Evangelishe mission
6150 Marabu 1132 with old rockies
6180 CNR mix S7


Συντάκτης: zachariasliangas

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