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Olympian logs 3/12

Logs for FRi 3-12 using the PL330 on the 26 m antenna in the gods village with coupling over the radios antenna

Axually the city before visiting the mountain ! DSL and near village noise includes
And this is finally once of the very few chances to listen

7220 V of Vietnam 2032 with news in English mentioning the Victorian family and the national development 46/10
7230 CNR1 2033 Zhingguo zheshen and numerous IDs 32/12
6090 Amhara ? 2035 mixed talks with Arabic .mentions of Nigeria50/25 in AM
6115 BBC 2039 with program in Russian , news on Europe  and Trump !!
6120 TRT 2040 mysterious pop music kind , before 2100 Turkish song were played 38/12
6140 R Algerie 2042 with Arabic songs 20/05
3955 for KBS only 2047 with German program and signal 49/21 as tested on QRN of 18/00 in a nearby vacant freq
5900 Brother stair  2048 with signal 23/10  the well knows radio pastor with sermons 2255 with a children song
6050 /7240 Xizang PBS Lhasa 205x with the song ‘let it be’ in its CC service and strong QRM from 7245 Both good
6135 CRI 2103 with nice CC YL pop song This reminds me an old malay pop song 54/13 >>>Croatian serve that turned into music program
I know more then 3500  malay songs and 2000 dangdut songs
7570 VoK 2104 with operas 33/8
7415 old typical CRI freq in English language and program roundtable . 55+ /25
7385 Xizang PBS Lhasa in Tibetan 2106 with hot dance rythm  music then YL into talks 44/15


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