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Fast logs 2-12

Very fast logs in the  mountain near thessaloniki
Using the PL330  (the XX/XX readouts )and later the ICOM R75  (the SXX readouts ) And 2×16 m inv dipole
7245 TRT in Bulgarian 1223 with mentions of Greece 87/25
7215 CRI in Russian  54/12 1224 with talks
7370 CNR2  1225 with song  good in//9820 S7 max
7430 CNR 1229 a children song in CC at S7 in //with 7440 S9 //7515 S9   jammer frequencies as noticed in eibi
7600 Afghan TV 1230 with signal just S1 at max
6070 R 292 at 1231 with ?and signal just S2 with talks
9420 CNR13 at 1233 with music S5
9530  unIDed 1234 in Arabic very undermodulated at S9  37/25 in PL330 in coupled by a wire that is extension of the R58 shied  >>>ΙΡΙΒin Arabic
9590 CRI talx in Russian 1230  with 45/20
9650RTV Mali 1237 undermoded with highlife songs S10
9750 Kuwait 1245 with talx S9
15030 AIR with hindi songs S2
15630 echoed talks S5 1251  the time I left the house

The MW logs belo are in between 1238 -45
531 Algerie S1 signal with song
810 MRT1 Sk with music and ID S9
972 pirate from THS S10 greek songs
1153 Romania with talks S3
1188 MR4 Hung with disco song S3
1195  R Bukarest with religious  talks in German S1
1413 Vesti FM MDA with talks in Ru S1
1467 Greek pir overloaded with Greek songs S9
Also on 1680 1600 1577and 1539 local pirates


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